In an ideal world, none of your food would ever go bad.

Preferably, you would eat everything you bought. But in the real world, we all have leftover ingredients that we don’t know what to do with. Every piece of food in your kitchen has some serious potential, and I am here to help you find it by giving you recipes of things to cook with ingredients that you already have on hand. Every week will highlight a different ingredient to show you another way to have fun experimenting around in the kitchen. It’s time to gain some kitchen confidence, get inspired, and cook with what you’ve got.


From a young age, I’ve been captivated by the art of food: the creation, the preparation, the taste, the styling and the scene. I embraced my passion for the art of food, as a creator and collaborator.​I am a self starter and an expert of shopping for ingredients, eating, and creating aesthetically pleasing, marketable recipe and cooking videos for brands who wish to show the beauty of their food before they even taste it.​

Enjoying good food with good people is my favorite thing to do. I am based in Los Angeles, educated in Durham, NC at Duke University and am always looking to collaborate and create more content.​Food is a conversation. It’s always in the middle of things. A celebration, a confession, a reconciliation, a connection. Sharing food can make friends of once-strangers and family of once-friends. Or it can be the perfect company for a moment alone.

Food is not only nourishment (though we all know it must be), nor is it only fuel for the next thing (though too often it is enjoyed in a rush). It is the centerpiece of gathering, it begins with us, for us, and carries within it some of our most human moments.​

​As I look ahead to a career in the vibrant world of food, I aim to explore new ways of developing and creating content that excites you for your next meal!


© 2020 by Emma Gabay