About Emma aka the
Inspired Foody

Emma, aka Inspired Foody, is a food blogger, course instructor, and entrepreneur who specializes in top-down recipe videos, food photography, brand development & strategy, and web development.

‍From a young age, my fascination with cameras and storytelling have set me on a path of creative exploration. While studying at Duke University, I discovered my talents in content creation and found success revamping many social media presences through top-down food videos and photography. My dedication and expertise even caught the attention of BuzzFeed, popelling my career forward.

As the founder of Cuiscene Studio, a culinary production house, I’ve helped food enthusiasts and restaurants enhance their marketability through captivating content and brand development / strategy. I’ve also educated aspiring foodies and content creators through my successful online courses, fostering a community of confident cooks. 

LA's dynamic and diverse culinary landscape has provided me with endless inspiration and opportunities to collaborate with local chefs, restaurants, and food influencers. By actively engaging with the community, I have not only built a strong network but also gained valuable insights and perspectives that have elevated my work as seen with a few recognizable clients like Irv’s Burgers, Prince Street Pizza, Doughbrik’s Pizza, University of Southern California, and more. LA's spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship has been a catalyst for my own growth, encouraging me to push boundaries and constantly evolve as a creator. Essentially inspiring me to inspire others through my blog and lifestyle.

Beyond my professional achievements, my personal journey, including the birth of my daughter against all odds, deepened my commitment to making a difference. I’ve spread joy and passion in the kitchen, inspiring others to embrace cooking and find their own culinary voice.


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