About Emma aka the
Inspired Foody

Emma, aka Inspired Foody, is a food blogger, course instructor, and entrepreneur who specializes in top-down recipe videos, food photography, brand development & strategy, and web development.

Emma, just like you, loves to eat great tasting food, but believes that cooking can sometimes be a hassle. She finds that many people are afraid to be in their kitchen, try new tools, work with new ingredients, etc… Hence, how Inspired Foody was born. Inspired Foody wants to prove to you that the kitchen is not a scary place and making a meal isn't as hard as it seems - inspiring you to want to cook using what you already have - that's the goal.

Enjoying good food with good people is Emma's favorite thing to do. Based in Los Angeles
and educated at Duke University, Emma is always looking to collaborate and create more
content that excites you for your next meal!.

Emma is a lazy cook - refusing to go to the grocery store if she doesn't have to and is always the first person to look for an ingredient substitution or new kitchen hack.

Some Food fun facts include:
Emma is a burger addict & co-owner of Irv's Burgers, Oreos are the key to her heart, Emma eats gummy bears in pairs so they don't die alone, she will never say no to ice cream, and she believes mint should be added to every salad.

If you want to send a personal message, you can find Emma on Instagram

For collaborations, business inquiries, and interviews,
head over to the contact page or send an email to:



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