1 small globe eggplant

1-2 cups tomatoes, chopped

3-4 cucumbers, chopped

1 cup red bell pepper, chopped

½ cup green bell pepper, chopped

¼ cup red onion, chopped

1-2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp lemon juice, optional


measuring cups and spoons

sharp knife

mixing bowls


paper towel




COOK the eggplant on all sides over a high open flame until the skin is charred and the flesh is cooked but still firm (use tongs or place eggplant on a metal skewer)

COOL to the touch

SLIT the top and middle without cutting the bottom of the eggplant (see next step)

OPEN the eggplant (like a book)

PEEL the inside of the eggplant with a spoon (leaving the skin in tact)

REMOVE the scooped up flesh, press out the juices in a colander (I do this only if the eggplant looks more liquidy than meaty), and then lay on a chopping board (or if you're lazy like me, just "chop" it up in the salad bowl - see video)

CHOP up the flesh and place in a bowl

ADD tomatoes, cucumbers, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, red onion, olive oil, and lemon juice

COMBINE and enjoy